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Writing is like therapy for me, it soothes the soul : )

11 May 1984
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Helllooooooo! Um, here's some info about me...

- My name is Amy. I'm 27 and i'm from Australia. I'm a Nurse by profession but reading and writing are my passions.

- I've been engaged to the love of my life for the last eight years and we have a puppy.

- I'm not comfortable in my own skin and rarely show people the real me. I'm completely self conscious.

- I'm brutally honest to a fault and I don't beat around the bush.

- I'm such an emotional dork, I cry in almost anything.

- I curse like a fucking trucker, in case you hadn't noticed, haha. I'm absolutely shocking.

- I'm addicted to social networking. I have 2 twitter accounts, 2 facebook's (one for my real and online life) 1 tumblr, 1 LJ and 1 blogger.

- I'm a proud girl-gamer and own an Xbox 360.

- I'm addicted to fanfiction and all things Twilight.

- I've been making graphics for the last 8 months and enjoy it greatly. I make banners, manips, icons etc. Mainly for fanfiction but I have made it for others.

- I'm head over heels in love with Robert Pattinson. If he was mine I would make him sing and play guitar to me all day - amongst other things...

- I'm Team Edward. But having said that, I still love Jake's character. So, you will never see Jake play a bad guy in my stories. He will usually be a brother or gay best friend : )

- I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease at the age of 17 but it's controlled okay at the moment by a shitload of medications.

- I'm a huge movie nerd. My fiancé and I try and get to the cinemas at least once a week. Because I get sick frequently my DVD collection is now over 500. I love romantic movies, romantic comedy's, drama, comedy and all Disney movies.

- I have a passion for music and my tastes are pretty random. I love Tammy Wynette, Patsy Cline, Bryan Adams, Richard Marx, Jack Johnson, Pete Murray, John Mayer etc. There's something so intimate about lyrics with just a guitar.

- I love me a bit of tv. Fave shows include Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Cold Case, Game of Thrones, True Blood, Law and Order; SVU, The Big Bang Theory, The Tudors, Ally McBeal etc.

- I am an avid reader. Fave books include the Twilight Sage, Vampire Academy, Black Dagger Brotherhood, The Hunger Games, The Vampire Diaries, Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice...

Aaaaaand, that's me in a nutshell! : )